New Repeater Link

The Kansas City Room Wide is happy to announce that the Lone Jack Fusion repeater on 443.750 has been linked to the Kansas City Room Wide group of repeaters. It is certainly a treat in having their help to add coverage to the eastern part of the metro area.

The Lone Jack repeater was first put on the air in February of 2018 by Wade Harrison (KE0HWK) and his wife Lorie (KE0HWL). Wade also ran the popular “Black Sheep Net” on Friday nights. Although Wade is no longer with us his wife Lorie (KE0HWL) and Ken Brannan (N0NDP), who is now the trustee of that repeater, have been working hard to keep Wade’s dream alive. 

A big THANK YOU goes to Kris Ulmer (KU0S) for hosting the radio link to the Lone Jack repeater. Kris has been a great asset to the linking project as his IT knowledge has brought this all together.

The Lone Jack repeater is located on US 50 highway near route 150 at the Lone Jack exit.

We hope to hear you in the Kansas City Room Wide group of repeaters soon.

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