Fusion Repeater Coverage Expanded

The Kansas City Room Wide and the K0USY Group (a major participant in KS-DMR) are proud to announce the addition of K0USY and WA0EDA multi-mode digital repeaters to the Kansas City Room Wide. 

This brings UHF repeaters located in Basehor, Lawrence, Lecompton, Topeka, and Hays into the Kansas City Room Wide system. 

This interconnection only applies to the K0USY Group multi-mode repeaters, not all of KS-DMR.

K0USY multi-mode repeaters support DMR, Fusion, P25 and analog – the modes to not cross-connect to each other, but rather operate as “ships in the night”. If the system is up as Fusion, all are Fusion, if DMR, all are DMR, etc. This ensures the integrity and quality of the audio for each mode and reduces user complexity.

Use these repeaters just like any of the existing Kansas City Room Wide machines: Program the repeater frequency and you’ll be on the Kansas City Room Wide. The only caveat is to check to ensure the repeater is not already in use on another mode (if it’s busy) before transmitting.

Working with Gavin (N0ECQ) and Cort (N0MJS) of the K0USY group has been a treat. They have a great repeater system that is going on its 11th year of service to the ham radio community. 

K0USY Group uses the same Motorola public safety grade repeaters and custom MMDVM modems that are used in the Kansas City Room Wide repeaters. They which will ensure interoperability, reliability, voice quality and consistent coverage.

More information on K0USY Group and KS-DMR repeaters can be found at k0usy.org and ks-dmr.net.

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