Welcome to Kansas City Wide, a network of Yaesu System Fusion-linked repeaters, providing VHF/UHF coverage across the greater Kansas City area, and access to Kansas City Wide from anywhere in the world, via Wires-X.

All Kansas City Wide repeaters can be accessed directly via their input frequencies, or via internet to access Fusion room 28054, Kansas City Wide. Our linked repeater coverages overlap, providing some redundancy in the case of power failure or emergency, and aiding lower power stations access across the area. For news, and updates, on repeaters and coverage, please visit the News & Updates page.

When accessing local repeaters, please refer to the Kansas City Wide Repeater Map to select the repeater closest to you.

Kansas City Wide is made possible by the support of local amateur radio clubs, and individuals working together to build a robust and reliable repeater network across the entire greater Kansas City area. Working together, we continue to grow!