1. Configuration for use with Yaesu Fusion radio (scroll down for DMR)

Below is a sample configuration that we use to allow a Yaesu digital radio connect to the Kansas City Wide room. Set your Fusion radio to the simplex frequency that you set in your HotSpot.

MMDVM Configuration Page. This is intended to listen ONLY for Fusion digital radios. Your configuration may be different, expecially if you have a display. Besure to click Apply Changes if you change anything. Wait for the HotSpot to reboot.
General configuration block. Pick a simplex frequency that is not a repeater input/output, or a satellite/weak signal frequency. Refer to the appropriate bandplan to be sure. If you enter a frequency and it turns RED, STOP. You’re likely to interfer with other users. Satellite users are very vulnerable to even the small transmit power of a HotSpot. You don’t need a CCS7/DMR ID if you don’t use DMR. Set the Lat/Lon and town to your location. TheRadio/Modem may be different. See your HotSpot’s documentation.
This is where you enter the address of the YSF reflector that is bridged to the Kansas City Wide room.

2. Configuration for use with DMR radio bridged to Fusion

Coming soon!